When you act on evidence, you can profit by change.

Aligning research, strategy and content can ensure that potential customers can quickly and effectively (by their own standards) consider and choose among offerings.

Whether you need a from-scratch Web site or feed, or to spruce up a flyer, or a new tag line, this alignment makes it easier and increases the "shelf life" for content and functionality.

I leverage extensive primary and secondary research and competitive intelligence experience to create evidence-based content that is valuable in its own right, not just "sales-speak."

Likewise, I help prioritize and develop new products that are truly aligned with the market, not simply praised by "teach to the test" focus groups.

Services available include:

  • End-to-end qualitative, quantitative and secondary research design, programming, field and analysis
  • Market and competitive assessment, e.g. site selection, acquisition targeting, opportunity analysis
  • Promotional and educational content, original and curated social media posts; medical/business/technical writing and editing.

Prospects or customers that can't answer questions like "Why this? Why now? Why you? Why ?" won't be rushing to interact with you.

Past clients range from Amtrak and Bank of America to Sylvan Learning and the YMCA. I hold a BA in Philosophy and Business Administration from the University of Houston and a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Texas.