Employees Achieve More When Their Issues Are Addressed

Your health plan nurse navigator (the one employees call from a refrigerator magnet with an 800 number) wants to keep employees away from the Emergency Room. Your EAP wants to refer them to the most cost-effective community resources.

But often employees face high-stakes health choices for themselves and their families that are outside scope for the plan and the EAP.

Without personalized options and advice — navigation that is truly independent — employees may be skeptical of plan and provider motives, and/or paralyzed by information overload. Thus, they may act or delay in a way that costs everyone more — including themselves.

The rx that are never filled or never dosed, the no-shows for diagnostic testing, rehab, and interventional procedures, all speak to that reality, and all threaten employee productivity — and someone's health.

I work on an hourly basis directly with employees, to help them make their own best choices, now and in the future.

I also conduct end-to-end groups, surveys and other tools to elicit employee feedback on internal and external issues. Topics range from service quality and process improvement to drivers of retention.

Let me know how I can help.