The Right Content Supports the Right Choice

Prospects and customers alike are hungry for unique value that makes them confident in their choices.

Does your content really support what you offer, or is the only real message, "We have content" along with "We have a product?"

Since 1986, I've created content that has value in its own right, in traditional, social and other interactive channels. From tag lines to scripts, from posts to pages, from print to chatbots, I create content that can be delivered at the right time to the right person to help optimize choices.

Ten keys to effective content:
  • Use active verbs.
  • Be PURE (personalized, urgent, relevant, engaging).
  • Play your whole hand.
  • Talk about the audience, not yourself.
  • Lurk and listen before you speak.
  • Offer mutual value.
  • Take a discernible point of view.
  • Write lean and meaningfully.
  • Don't confuse focus groups, friends or family with survey research.
  • Avoid "click here," "check it out," and using "it's" as a possessive.