What and Why

Health care is a nitty-gritty undertaking with high stakes. Backtracking isn't always possible.

And even for those who are well, living "preventively" is a series of choices, every day.

Sometimes, we need more focused help than scattered appointments and calls provide. That includes deciding questions to ask, avenues to explore, and the best ways to evaluate those options.

I've worked inside hospitals, clinics, health insurance, drugs and medical devices, and also consulted to each of these.

I've supported patients and caregivers for decades, and was a full-time caregiver for my husband for several years.

The "right choices" avoid blind faith as well as the trap of distrusting all "professionals." From your preferences and the evidence, I help leverage the health care system, from parents caring for children, to the end of life.

Some of the places I've published, such as Managed Care On Line, suggest "win/wins" for plans and members.

Note: services are neither intended nor suitable as a substitute for professional medical advice.

Guided by your needs, services include:

  • Helping evaluate medications, procedures, tests and specialty care
  • Identifying applicable guidelines and standards, and possible drug/food/condition interactions
  • Optimizing self-care, supplies, and medical equipment
  • Maintaining a medical summary sheet to improve coordination of care
  • Documenting potential resources and providers, as well as applicable clinical trials
  • Facilitating discussions with family or friends to get everyone on "the same page" for end of life plans

Choice Is An Art

Health relates to confidence and making choices in other areas. So I also work more generally to help children and adults define and work toward success in school, work and life.

Developing decision-making skills improves the rest of your life.
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